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about medpro's natural supplements

Modern science paired with the power of plants.

For hundreds of years, traditional medicine has provided solutions to health challenges, continuously demonstrating the immense power of nature. This makes perfect sense when you consider that human beings have grown alongside plants, causing our cells to distinguish and welcome their nutritional benefits on our well-being. This becomes especially clear considering that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables has been recommended for a long time, as it is particularly well tolerated by the human body.

In recent years, some scientists have campaigned to shed light on the medicinal effects of certain herbs and mushrooms
Since then, the potential of herbal ingredients has gained more and more global recognition in conventional medicine.

Our products

The over-the-counter food supplements, however, often range between food and medicine. In that sense, it is common for consumers to be confronted with unrealistic hopes. The quality of some products often does not match expectations.
Medpro supplements differ in their approach. Developed with scientific standards under medical supervision, we know the possibilities and limits of dietary supplements. The products are well tolerated, and we are not aware of any side effects if the dosage is adhered to.

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Why medpro?

Discover the uniqueness of our supplements:

  • highest quality and purity
  • formulas that are proven and reliable
  • Specialised and evidence-based for people with high health-related standards.
  • 100% natural and non-abrasive ingredients
  • suitable for all diets
Frequently Asked Questions

Our vision

medpro’s vision lies in the power of plants to balance the human body. The holistic perception of the human body carries a vast spectrum of options when it comes to meeting health and wellness goals. Nutrition and natural food supplements play an important role. Plant-derived supplements add value to your food. That is how medpro offers a response to nutritional deficits. medpro aims to raise the quality of life of its consumers.

Our mission

medpro’s mission is to provide individuals with high standards regarding their health and wellness goals, with natural and potent food supplements relevant to their needs. We can help you achieve visible and long-lasting results thanks to reliable products of the highest available quality and expert guidance in the modes of use.

Our story

21 years ago, medpro was founded in Holland by a team of scientists who dedicated their career to increasing quality of life & rebalancing the body through the combination of natural substances.

In the 2000s, there was nothing out there to relieve the side-effects of the treatment of serious diseases, nor to prevent them. We started to investigate new ways to relieve people from pain and increase their conventional treatment outcomes through nutrition.

After many trial failures, we found out that we could balance the nutritional deficits of some individuals with a very precise dosage of plant based supplements in combination with a healthy lifestyle. This was the first building block for medpro.

natural medicine

The values we share

medpro care value



Always our first priority. Our formulas were created and are continuously being improved because we truly care about our customers wellbeing and quality of life.

medpro transparency value



We strive to educate and inform our customers about the benefits and properties of certain foods and our nutritional supplements. It is very important to us to shift more attention on the power of nature to improve our quality of life – we have made this our mission.

medpro expertise value



We have more than 20 years of research and empirical experience in our field. Our products are the result of a constant look-out for better, stronger, purer ingredients and precision when creating formulas that meet your wellness needs.

medpro quality value



Medpro sources its ingredients from the world’s best growing areas and always verifies their quality, nutritional content and purity through laboratory tests. The results are pure active ingredients, free from chemical pollution and genetic engineering. Our food supplements are vegetarian, mostly vegan and free from unwanted additives or fillers.

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