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Frequently asked questions

How can I subscribe/unsubscribe from your newsletter?2021-08-16T14:32:37+02:00

You can register for our newsletter via your user account on our website. Unsubscribing is just as easy by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of each newsletter email. With just one click you will be automatically removed from our mailing list and will not receive any further notifications.

Are medpro products available in pharmacies?2021-08-16T14:33:46+02:00

Yes, they are. Various pharmacies in Europe are selling our products. Please, check with your local pharmacy for availability of the product you wish to purchase.

Does medpro offer their products to re-sellers?2021-05-07T16:13:33+02:00

We work with a wide network of distributors in various European countries. Please, contact our sales team for more information:

Are the costs for medpro’s products covered by health insurance companies?2021-10-18T03:55:22+02:00
Our products are food supplements according to EU regulation. Therefore, the costs for our products are usually not covered by the common health insurance companies. Nonetheless, there are some private insurance companies that sponsor certain health programs that include naturopathic and dietary support. In these cases it is worth asking for appropriate refunds.
What is the delivery timeframe?2021-08-18T09:08:33+02:00

The delivery time depends on the shipping destination, mode of shipping (Standard or Express), and delays due to customs clearance. For standard shipments we estimate ~1-2 business days within Europe, with express delivery, orders placed before 2 p.m. on working days can be delivered the next day.

How can I update my delivery information?2021-08-16T14:53:54+02:00
You can update your delivery information at any time by calling us or sending us an email. For redirecting a shipment to a different delivery address, please check your order confirmation email with our tracking information, then contact the shipping company to redirect your shipment.
Which country do you ship to?2021-08-16T14:55:48+02:00

We are shipping worldwide at the client’s own risk with custom restrictions.

Do you ship outside of the EU?2021-08-16T14:57:02+02:00

Yes, we do. Please, check the import restrictions for food supplements of your country, before you order.

Do you ship to the UK?2021-08-16T15:42:09+02:00

Yes, we do. Price for shipment is higher than before. No custom fees yet but may come at a later stage.

What are the delivery options?2021-08-16T16:11:13+02:00

Standard Delivery
Express Delivery
The shipping price for your order will be shown on our web-shop upon check-out.

How can I receive promotions & discounts?2021-10-27T12:56:41+02:00

In order to benefit from special offers and discount campaigns, you must register for our newsletter. You can also take part in our loyalty program if you have a user account.

How can I create an account, and how do I benefit from it?2021-10-27T13:00:56+02:00

Creating an account on our web-shop is very easy. An account will allow you to get updates and information about special deals & promotions along with an access to more product information and guidance. You
will also be able to track your on-going orders, your payments and order history.

What is the difference between ProstaSol, Prostectan, ProstaLin-C and Imupros?2021-08-16T16:22:16+02:00

All 4 products belong to the range of our product category “Men’s Health”. Each of these products is designed to address specific nutritional needs that affect the normal functioning of the prostate. With regard to the product differences, ProstaSol and Prostectan contain selected plant sterols, which Prostalin-C and IMUPROS do not contain. Instead, the latter two products contain vitamins and other essential substances that have been found to be beneficial for maintaining the health of the prostate. For further information, please contact our service department:

Are there official studies available for medpro products?2021-08-16T16:25:06+02:00

Yes, there are many public experimental and clinical studies on the ingredients in our dietary supplements. The majority of our formulations were developed on the basis of the data presented in the studies. To access some of the peer-reviewed publications on specific ingredients that interest you, visit the US National Library of Medicine platform below:

As a business customer or owner of a business user account on medpro, you can find further research results in your user section.

Can I crush my tablet or open my capsule to dissolve the content in water or food?2021-08-16T16:29:06+02:00

Our products come in powder, tablet, or capsule form. Each product is designed for best possible absorption. Crushing a tablet or opening a capsule to dissolve the content in water or mixing it with food may reduce the absorption in the gut. If you have special medical reasons requiring the crushing of a tablet or opening of a capsule before intake, please contact our team or your physician for specific advice.

Have there been any negative experiences reported with the use of medpro products?2021-08-16T16:31:46+02:00

At the current state of knowledge, no negative experiences have been reported so far. Theoretically, people can have certain allergies to certain ingredients in our dietary supplements. If you know about specific allergies, you should find out from your doctor before consuming such products. All dietary supplements should be consumed according to the recommended intake. A healthy, balanced nutrient balance can be achieved through the correct use of dietary supplements.

Can it be harmful to take too many supplements?2021-08-16T16:34:08+02:00

Taking too many supplements, or too much of one supplement may be harmful. Please, follow the daily intake recommendations for all our supplements. If you have questions, please consult your physician, or contact our dedicated department (

Do the benefits of your products wear-off with time?2021-08-16T16:37:27+02:00

Our products are dietary supplements, not medication. A wearing-off effect (tachyphylaxis) is only known for certain pharmaceutical drugs, not for dietary supplements.

How long do I need to use a supplement to see an effect?2021-08-16T16:41:44+02:00

Dietary supplements are not drugs. Accordingly, you should not expect any pharmacological effects while taking it. Nonetheless, certain nutritional deficiencies can be compensated for within a few months.

Are the medpro supplements compatible with allopathic treatments?2021-08-16T16:44:53+02:00

Food supplements are generally used to supplement our diet with certain (missing) nutrients. In principle, our products can be taken under conventional medical treatment. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to consult your doctor regarding the interaction of certain drugs with dietary supplements.

Are your supplements compatible with hormonal contraception?2021-08-16T16:57:13+02:00

The effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives is not affected by the consumption of our dietary supplements. Before taking any dietary supplement, however, it is always advisable to consult your doctor regarding the combination with (prescription) drugs.

Are your supplements organic?2021-08-16T17:00:14+02:00

According to the 2018 EU regulations on ecological and organic products, we cannot always guarantee that our products are 100% organic. Even if corresponding certifications are often used to sell products at higher prices, certain production processes that are not transparent for the consumer can affect the purity and quality of a product. At medpro, however, we always strive to obtain our raw materials from purely organic cultivation and to test them for purity and quality through independent laboratory tests.

Are your capsules made of animal products or plant products?2021-08-16T17:02:18+02:00

At medpro we only use capsules that are made from vegetable cellulose and are therefore 100% natural. They are also free of preservatives, as well as wheat and gluten free.

What do your “Free from” icons mean?2021-08-16T17:05:21+02:00
GF icon: Gluten free
Dairy free icon: Dairy free
Nut free icon: Nut free
GMO icon: GMO free
Palm oil icon: Palm oil free
Vegan icon: Vegan
Soy icon: Soy-free

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