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Basic Care Kit II Detoxification & Immune System support
– 3 month supply

The Basic Care Kit II is a combination of two of medpro’s most popular supplements for detoxification and immunity.

This bundle contains:


For more information on each product, like single ingredients and recommended intake, please look up each product of the bundle individually.

Periodic detoxification from heavy metals and other toxic substances in our bowels relieve the gut, which is the most vital organ for our immune systems to function properly. detox me+ can be a useful agent, as its main ingredient zeolite acts like a natural sponge to absorb and eliminate heavy metals from the bowel. BioBran®. as the complementary product of this bundle, contains arabinoxylan, a plant-derived ingredient that enhances the activity of NK-cells which are critical to the innate immune system.

detox me+ contains natural zeolite-clinoptilolite – the classic detox specialist which has been used to remove toxins since ancient times. This natural mineral from porous volcanic stone gains invaluable detoxifying properties by undergoing micronization and activation during the production process. After oral intake, it can bind harmful substances such as lead, aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, ammonia, and polycyclic hydrocarbons in the intestine by means of selective ion exchange and special forms of adsorption, rendering these substances harmless. Zeolite is indigestible and therefore has no negative effects on our metabolism, acting like a “magical sponge” to absorb contaminants in our intestines so that they can be excreted in a bowel movement

BioBran® contains Arabinoxylan, a hemicellulose found in the cell walls of plants, such as rice bran. Rice bran can support the immune system of the body and the work of the white blood cells. Since these fibers are largely indigestible, their advantages remain unused if not combined with another ingredient increasing its absorption. With BioBran®, the Japanese researcher Hiroaki Maeda has developed an effective process through which the body can absorb its components through the small intestine with the help of special enzymes from the shiitake mushroom.

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