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medpro convinces patients with tumor diseases, among others, with its individual and tailor-made phytotherapeutics. Many doctors are already making use of the special synergy effects of integrative medicine and conventional medicine. But, for good reasons, medpro is also used in preventive medicine to prevent medical challenges. This is because the special dietary supplements can contribute to gentle and careful health support.

What effects can be achieved?

Prof. Pfeifer finally developed special protocols for therapy with plant substances. While working with (tumor) patients, these protocols were continuously refined over decades. The highly effective phytotherapeutics from medpro Holland B.V. were developed in 1999 in a long and laborious process. Together with conventional medicine, they are also frequently used in oncology today, as they show excellent results with particularly low side effects. While drugs are usually based on a molecule-based mechanism of action, phytopreparations develop their effects on several levels at once due to the variety of active ingredients.

Many doctors have already found that medpro's phytotherapeutics produce excellent synergies with conventional treatment. In many cases, better results can be achieved than with conventional medication. The comprehensible and scientifically substantiated results have now even convinced skeptics of the plant's power. This is why more and more doctors, alternative practitioners and therapists are using medpro's phytopreparations. Phytopreparations are also used successfully in many clinics.

The mission of medpro

The mission of medpro is simply, but effective in many ways. Phytotherapy experts want to improve the quality of people's health, especially that of people with illnesses, by using special active plant substances. Gentle, effective and sustainable. The power of active plant ingredients has been known for centuries. medpro uses the possibilities and interprets them in a new and contemporary way. For health prevention and medical support that goes further.

Who is behind medpro?

The company is backed by an international network of experts, scientists and doctors. They support patients to the best of their ability with the possibilities of modern phytotherapy. The team of experts is led by phytotherapy pioneer Prof. Dr. Dr. Ben Pfeifer. The operational implementation of this challenging but meaningful work is largely in the hands of Patrick Göser and Alisa Vaid. While Patrick takes care of the business side of things, Alisa is responsible for looking after the international medpro partner family. More about the two of them and why they and Prof. Dr. Dr. Pfeifer can follow their calling with phytotherapy, read and listen here.

You know how medpro works

“Since meeting Prof. Ben Pfeifer in 2013 and the resulting recommendation to start using medpro and Aeskulap products, my hopeless situation due to metastatic prostate cancer has been stable. Thanks to the immune-boosting products, I feel like a healthy man again. At medpro you also feel that you are in very good hands as a valued customer.”

Mart van Buuren


I have been living with my cancer for thirteen years now. Sure, it goes up and down from time to time, but on the whole, to be honest, it wasn’t the worst time of my life. Fortunately, I got to know Prof. Ben Pfeifer and some medpro preparations very early on in my illness, which I still integrate into my everyday life today. The combination of various conventional medical therapies in conjunction with special phytopreparations is still proving successful today. I am currently undergoing PSMA therapy, which, with the support of a herbal treatment protocol, is working again and has resulted in a significant reduction in PSA levels.”

Alexander Braun


For many years I have been using Prof. Ben Pfeifer’s therapy protocol for patients with prostate cancer and patients with breast cancer. When I had the patient’s tumor marker checked in the blood for the first time about ten years ago after a month of therapy with the medpro remedies, I was really amazed at how quickly the high-dose phytotherapy protocol worked. It’s just a shame that health insurance companies usually don’t reimburse anything, even though the good results are crystal clear.”

Dr. med. Saskia von Sanden


“I have been a prostate cancer patient of Prof. Ben Pfeifer for almost 12 years. Part of the therapy is a dietary protocol and two special food supplements (Prostasol & Indol-3-Carbinol) from medpro, which have kept me healthy and alive to this day.

ProstaSol & Indole-3-Carbinol are not the only supplements I take in the protocol I follow, but they are definitely important components of the comprehensive integrative treatment I receive. I am very grateful for the availability of these natural products because they work reliably without me having to tolerate the side effects associated with synthesized drugs that most prostate cancer patients have to take!”

Tom Barretto


“In my naturopathic practice, I attach great importance to the natural healing of the body. That’s why the healing power of plants is an indispensable part of the care I give my patients with various pathologies. I was particularly impressed by Prof. Pfeifer’s proven and holistic treatment concept and the products from medpro with their excellent composition and effect. I like to use them not only for prophylaxis, but also for the treatment of various diseases, especially those with an oncological background. Many of my patients are amazed that they do not experience any side effects and begin to trust in their natural, inner healing power. I no longer want to do without the support of my therapies with medpro products and I am grateful that medpro exists!”

Eva von Brockdorff