What causes stress in the body?

Stress is a widespread phenomenon that is part of most people’s everyday lives. Whether at work, at school, in family life or in our free time, we are constantly challenged and under pressure. But what exactly causes stress in the body and what effects does it have on our health? What can you do about it? We answer these important questions in this article.

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What is stress actually?

Stress is a natural reaction to a challenging situation. The body releases stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline so that we can save ourselves from a dangerous situation. This can be life-saving, but is actually only intended for short periods of time. Nowadays, however, we are often exposed to chronic stress and this can cause health problems.

What are the causes of stress in the body?

Everyone experiences stress differently. Therefore, the causes can also be very different. However, some topics are particularly widespread:

  • Pressure at work, for example due to high demands, conflicts or long working hours
  • Health problems such as pain and illnesses
  • Worries, fears, sadness and other stressful feelings that occur over a long period of time or repeatedly
  • Conflicts in relationships, for example in the family, among friends or in the neighborhood
  • Environmental factors such as noise, traffic or confined spaces
  • Time pressure and lack of time due to requirements in different areas
  • Over- or underchallenge in everyday life
  • Constant availability

Is there good stress?

Stress is not always a burden. Anticipation, stage fright or the feelings of happiness after a success also cause a little stress in the body. But these situations also give us energy and fill us with joy. “Good stress”, also known as “eustress”, can really give us wings and spur us on to peak performance. Having stress in our lives from time to time is good for us and can be great fun.

Unfortunately, there is also an unhealthy type of stress: when the body and mind are permanently under tension and this stress becomes burdensome, this is known as distress. It does not stimulate us, but drains us of energy and can have a problematic effect on our health.

What are the consequences of constant stress?

Stress is actually intended as a reaction to brief dangerous situations. The brain releases hormones at lightning speed, which provide us with more energy for a short time and make us wide awake. At the same time, the body saves energy in all areas that are not urgently needed. If we have to deal with an acute conflict or get to safety from a dangerous situation, this is worth its weight in gold. But this short stress phase should actually be followed by a phase of relaxation in which the stress hormones are reduced and the body and mind can calm down again.

If stress persists over a longer period of time, it is very damaging. Various symptoms and complaints can occur. These complaints are possible, for example:

  • Muscle tension
  • Headache
  • Digestive problems
  • Palpitations
  • Shortness of breath
  • Concentration problems
  • emotional imbalance
  • Dwindling self-confidence
  • Susceptibility to infections due to a reduced immune system

If we don’t manage to reduce stress even through these warning signs, we can become seriously ill. Examples include cardiovascular diseases, depression, addictions or chronic stomach and intestinal diseases. It is also suspected that constant stress could play a role in the development of many other diseases. So you should do something about persistent stress in good time.

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What can I do to combat stress?

The possible measures to reduce stress are as varied as the causes. Sometimes all you need to do is plan more time out or incorporate relaxation exercises such as yoga or meditation into your daily routine. Sometimes you have to resolve conflicts or hand over tasks. High-quality herbal supplements can help you to reduce the effects of stress. These can strengthen your resilience and your immune system to prevent chronic illnesses and restore balance. Our products for general well-being offer you a wide selection of suitable nutritional supplements. We will be happy to advise you on which product is suitable for you so that you can soon feel more relaxed and vital again.

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