Breast cancer prevention – why the topic is becoming increasingly important

Painful tension or small lumps in the breast do not necessarily mean the worst. Nevertheless, if you are unsure, you should go straight to the gynecologist. Breast cancer is still one of the most common types of cancer in women. Prevention is therefore becoming increasingly important.

Woman having a mammogram as part of breast cancer screening

Why is breast cancer no longer a death sentence?

Breast cancer used to be one of the deadliest cancers for women. Thanks to cancer screening, this has changed considerably. One in eight women will still develop breast cancer in the course of her life. However, the chances of recovery have improved many times over thanks to early detection by mammography and the latest treatment methods.

With the introduction of mammography between 2005 and 2009, the group of women in whom an advanced tumor was detected first fell continuously. This also reduced the mortality rate enormously. Because the earlier breast cancer is detected, the greater the chances of recovery. Women themselves can do a lot to reduce their risk of breast cancer.

How can a mammogram contribute to the prevention of breast cancer?

With mammography, breast cancer can already be detected when it is not palpable and does not yet cause any symptoms. Today, mammography is the best method for detecting breast cancer at an early stage.

During the screening, the breast is x-rayed and even the smallest changes can be detected. However, abnormalities in mammography screening do not necessarily mean anything for the time being. Women over 45 are recommended to have a mammogram every two years. The visit to the gynecologist should take place annually. This includes a Pap smear for the early detection of cervical cancer, but also a breast palpation.

How can women prevent breast cancer by palpating their own breasts?

Women can promote the early detection of breast cancer not only through mammography screening and regular visits to the gynecologist. A monthly breast self-examination can also help to detect breast cancer at an early stage.

Self-examination should always take place at the time of the menstrual cycle, as the breast is particularly soft during this phase. It consists of two parts.

  • Visual findings: Stand in front of the mirror and raise your arms, put your arms on your hips and then bend forward with your arms hanging down! Observe the breasts and nipples for their mobility, size, shape, skin or nipple retractions and unevenness of the skin!
  • Palpation findings: Start under the armpit and feel your breast with circular movements towards the nipple! Don’t forget the armpits and the nipples themselves! Tip: This works particularly well in the shower because it is easier to feel nodules when using soap or shower gel while wet. Then repeat the examination lying down!
Woman with the Pink Ribbon as a symbol for breast cancer prevention

What to do if lumps are palpable in the breast?

If you feel hardening or lumps in the breast, if the nipples are drawn inwards or if there are changes to the nipple, you should definitely consult a doctor for clarification. You should also see a doctor if fluid leaks from the nipple or if the breasts fall differently after raising your arms.

Consciously supporting women’s health

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