CA-Statin – Product innovation for the suppression of angiogenesis

Did you know that angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels, also plays an important role in the development of cancer? Special phytopreparations such as the innovative CA-Statin from medpro are intended to help inhibit angiogenesis. This form of herbal statins is already being used alongside chemotherapy and immunotherapy for the complementary and supportive treatment of cancer patients.

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What is angiogenesis?

The entire body is criss-crossed by blood vessels ranging from large to tiny. They provide us with vitamins, trace elements, minerals, messenger substances and, last but not least, oxygen. This is essential for the survival of every organ and every tissue.

Angiogenesis refers to the formation of new blood vessels. These new blood vessels sprout from existing blood vessels or split off from them. This process starts with the so-called endothelial cells, i.e. the innermost lining of blood vessels.

The new formation or angiogenesis is triggered by so-called growth factors. They are produced by many different cells, such as white blood cells of the immune defense. Angiogenesis plays an important role in injuries or in the context of wound healing. In this way, repair mechanisms can be set in motion.

What role does angiogenesis play?

Angiogenesis is particularly important not only for injuries, but also for the development of cancer. This is because a tumor needs a particularly large amount of nutrients and oxygen in order to grow. Oxygen and nutrients only reach the tumor if there is an adequate blood supply. The tumor needs new blood vessels in order to metastasize. This means that it releases tumor cells via these blood vessels, which then travel to other areas of the body to form new tumors there. Some experts today even go so far as to say that blood vessels are not just passive tubes, but have a controlling function. According to this theory, they can determine the extent to which organs are supplied with blood.

Angiogenesis inhibitors as promising antagonists of tumors

Angiogenesis inhibitors are said to be able to prevent the formation of new blood vessels. A tumor itself emits growth factors for the formation of new blood vessels.

If these growth factors can be blocked, they no longer dock onto the receptors intended for this purpose, which signal growth to the blood vessels. The blood vessels do not form in the first place or regress. The tumor is no longer supplied with oxygen and nutrients and therefore “starves”.

Angiogenesis inhibitors are in most cases antibodies. Antibodies are precisely produced by the immune system to identify viruses, pathogens or tumor cells, for example. They “attach” to them and mark them for other immune cells. This way they can be destroyed. Thanks to intensive research, it is now possible to produce plant-based angiogenesis inhibitors such as our innovative CA-Statin. If you want to use angiogenesis inhibitors, talk to a doctor you trust beforehand!

How do angiogenesis inhibitors work in tumors?

In experiments on mice with breast or lung cancer, researchers have discovered that the use of certain angiogenesis inhibitors of the tumor grows much more slowly. In addition, fewer metastases form. Research is still ongoing, but initial results show that such angiogenesis inhibitors offer great hope for cancer therapy. Cancer researchers believe that metastases can even be completely prevented with the right angiogenesis inhibitors, thus ensuring the survival of patients with malignant tumors. Angiogenesis inhibitors are already used in tumor therapy. However, research into various angiogenesis inhibitors is continuing.

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CA statin as a plant-based angiogenesis inhibitor

CA-Statin is a completely new, innovative phytopreparation which, as a plant-based angiogenesis inhibitor, is intended to help regulate the formation of new blood vessels. This is said to work via so-called proteoglycans, flavonoids and tannins, which come from field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis).

This innovative food supplement can be used in the complementary oncological treatment of patients with metastatic breast and prostate cancer.

CA-Statin from medpro is particularly valued for its low side effects. Because it is subject to the Medicines Act due to the corresponding dosage, you should definitely refrain from self-medicating with CA-Statin.

Would you like more information about this innovative phytopreparation? Then contact our experts and get in touch with our large network of doctors and therapists! We will be happy to advise you.

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