5 important male hormones – interesting facts

Our bodies are complex and many of the functions we take for granted are controlled by hormones. Some of these influential substances differ between the sexes: there are hormones that are more prevalent in women and those that are mainly found in men. Typical male hormones are also called androgens. In this blog post, we focus on five important male hormones and explain how they can affect your life. Whether it’s your physique, mood or sex life, hormones play an important role, including in your life.

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5 important androgens

There is a whole range of hormones that play a major role in men. They are called androgens. These 5 are among the most important androgens:

1. testosterone

The best known and most important male sex hormone is testosterone. It is mainly produced in the testicles, but also to a lesser extent in the adrenal glands. Women also have testosterone in their bodies, albeit in small amounts. Testosterone ensures sperm production, determines growth and muscle development as well as beard growth in men. Psychological effects are also due to testosterone. The hormone can stimulate the sex drive, for example, but can also make you more aggressive and selfish.

Interesting fact: Testosterone levels change throughout the day and are highest in the morning

2. dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)

DHEA is a steroid hormone that occurs in both men and women, but behaves differently depending on the hormonal situation. In the male body, it forms the precursor to testosterone. DHEA is mainly produced in the adrenal glands.

Interesting fact: DHEA preparations are available in the USA as dietary supplements for anti-ageing. However, this effect has not been well studied, so its use is not recommended.

3. androstenedione (ASD)

This hormone already has the Greek term “andro” for “man” in its name. It is a sex hormone that is chemically very similar to testosterone. The functions of ASD in the body have not yet been conclusively researched. The steroid hormone is sadly famous because it was used for forced doping in competitive sport in the GDR.

4. androsterone

Androsterone is a by-product of the breakdown of male hormones. However, it also has a masculinizing influence, i.e. it has an effect on typically male appearances and behaviour.

5. dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

DHT is also a steroid. The hormone is produced in the body from testosterone and has a strong effect on the prostate, body hair and beard growth, among other things. However, DHT is also responsible for genetic hair loss in men. In this widespread form of hair loss, the hair roots on the head are sensitive to the hormone DHT.

When the male hormones get out of balance

The hormone system is highly complex and has many different physical and psychological effects. Not all the necessary hormones are always in the right balance. Hormonal imbalances occur in men in every age group. This often has a negative effect on potency or the prostate. Unfortunately, this is precisely why hormonal imbalances are often not treated: Many affected men are embarrassed by their difficulties, so they delay seeking advice.

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