The 5 most important nutrients for men’s health

At the latest since gender medicine became established, we know that health care is also different for men and women. For example, men have different nutritional requirements than women. Here are 5 nutrients that are particularly important for men.

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Which five nutrients are essential for men?

The following vitamins and minerals contribute in many ways to cell protection and can support a normal immune system. The following also applies to men: those who contribute to health promotion early on with a healthy lifestyle can look forward to many healthy years in old age.

Vitamin C – essential for men

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants. It is therefore an important radical scavenger in the human body and protects the cells from attacks by aggressive oxygen molecules. It is also involved in more than 15,000 metabolic activities, including regulated fat burning. In animal studies, it has also been observed that increased vitamin C administration leads to increased testosterone levels. It is also a component of the connective tissue that keeps the skin beautifully elastic – which is relevant for both men and women.

Vitamin D as an important nutrient

The body can produce most of the so-called sun vitamin itself. However, it needs UVB light, i.e. sunlight. At the end of the summer, we still have a good supply of vitamin D in our latitudes. As winter progresses, our vitamin D reserves are usually depleted. You are more susceptible to infections and often feel weak and listless. Vitamin D is extremely important for the mineralization of bones, the strengthening of muscles and a strong immune system.

Vitamin E for protection

This vitamin is also a radical scavenger. Like vitamin C, it is said to act as a protective system for various cells. It is also important for the immune system and can have a positive effect on blood clotting and inflammatory reactions. A vitamin E deficiency can cause cell damage or long-term damage to nerve cells or skeletal muscles.

Zinc for the strength of men

This mineral is involved in many of the body’s processes. It is required for acid-base metabolism and is a component of countless vital enzymes that are involved in a wide variety of processes in the body. Zinc is involved in the production of immune cells, supports intestinal health and can promote sleep quality. Men who wish to have children should pay particular attention to a sufficient supply of zinc. Zinc is also involved in testosterone and sperm formation.

Selenium for intact sperm

Like zinc, selenium is also immensely important for sperm formation. It is also involved in the normal function of the immune system and in the production of thyroid hormones.

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When are food supplements useful?

During stress, a high sports workload or other strains, it is often not possible to absorb enough nutrients. Food supplements are therefore particularly useful in challenging times. In such cases, dietary supplements can be an important addition to the daily diet.

IMUPROS™ from medpro is a phytopreparation specially developed for men. It is an orthomolecular combination preparation that contains the essential vitamins C, E and D. In addition to calcium, it also contains selenium and zinc, the most important minerals for men. Added to this are extracts from soy, highly concentrated lycopene from tomatoes and green tea, which strongly support cell protection. It can therefore support prostate health and the local immune system.

Get this unique combination preparation for men now and help to cover as many of your vitamin and nutrient requirements as possible!

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