When does male fertility start to decline?

Parents’ careers and the realization of wishes and dreams are some of the reasons why many people postpone their desire to have children. But when should you start planning a family? When does male fertility decline and how can it be supported with simple herbal remedies?

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When does male fertility decline and what problems can occur?

Compared to previous generations, women today are having their children later and later. Career, self-realization and stable financial circumstances are among the most common reasons for postponing the desire to have children. The fathers are correspondingly older. What you should bear in mind: Fertility begins to decline in men from the age of 40. A British study showed that the time to pregnancy was around seven months if the partner was younger than 40. Among the over-40s, the time to pregnancy tripled. As the father gets older, the risk of miscarriage or a chromosomal disorder in the sperm cells can also increase.

Another problem: In many Western countries, the sperm count has also fallen by more than half in recent decades. But it is not only the number, but also the shape and speed of male sperm cells that are increasingly worrying scientists.

How can men stay fertile for longer?

Not only the man’s age, but also his lifestyle is said to have an effect on the number and quality of sperm. Anyone who wants to become a father should therefore bear the following in mind:

  • Healthy nutrition: A diet rich in nutrients, vitamins and trace elements is not only important for mothers, but also for fathers.
  • Exercise: Active men apparently have more sperm than “couch potatoes” as an American study showed.
  • Overweight or underweight: Both overweight and underweight affect sperm production. Obesity, for example, produces too many female hormones that slow down fertility in men. If you are underweight, you may lack essential nutrients for sperm production.
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How else can you support fertility and the immune system in men?

Herbal remedies, among other things, can have a positive effect on fertility. Artemisinin 600 mg from medpro is suitable for supporting fertility and the immune system in men. This special plant extract comes from annual mugwort, which has been used as a medicinal plant in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years and can also make an important contribution to women who wish to have children.

Artemisinin is also already established in combination therapy for the treatment of drug-resistant malaria. This even earned her discoverer T’u Yu-yu the Nobel Prize. Studies on cultured prostate and breast cancer cells also showed that artemisinin affects them. According to the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, studies are currently underway to investigate the effectiveness of artemisinin against Covid. Artemisia annua is also used as a complementary treatment for Lyme disease. Artemisinin can also support fertility and the immune system in a variety of ways. If you have any questions about the use of Artemisinin 600 mg from medpro, please contact our experts!

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