Amino acid L-arginine – effect on women during the menopause

L-arginine is said to have a positive influence on muscle growth, endurance performance and thus also on weight loss. Athletes already swear by the effect in combination with citrulline. However, women going through the menopause should also be able to benefit from the amino acid.

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What is L-arginine?

L-arginine is a base and belongs to the semi-essential amino acids. This means that it is not produced sufficiently under stress and must be supplied from outside. L-arginine base is the starting material for nitric oxide. Nitric oxide supports the dilation of blood vessels. This improves the blood circulation. This in turn supports regeneration and can also have a positive effect on inflammatory processes.

Scientists have also discovered that L-arginine is one of the most important factors for the activation of T-cells and killer cells of the immune system. These cells are among the most important cells for cancer defense. Clinical studies have shown that taking L-arginine can increase the activity of natural killer cells and T-cells in breast cancer patients by 60 – 80 %.

How does the menopause manifest itself?

At around the age of 40, oestrogen levels in the body begin to fall. The monthly bleeding decreases and eventually stops altogether. The last menstrual period is called the menopause. After that, women can no longer become pregnant. The last one or two years before the menopause are known as the premenopause, and the time afterwards as the postmenopause. The doctor determines whether a woman is already in the premenopause by means of a hormone status. This is because the menopause can only be determined retrospectively. If there has been no menstrual period for around 12 months, the last menstrual period is known as the menopause.

How can the effect of L-arginine influence the menopause?

Women in the pre- and postmenopause can benefit from taking the amino acid L-arginine in capsule or powder form. As a building block of nitric oxide (NO), it is said to support oestrogen production. This could lead to a fundamental improvement in symptoms during the menopause.

Studies in female athletes have shown that a high dose of L-arginine significantly improves aerobic endurance performance after the menopause. Another study came to the conclusion that women who suffer from an L-arginine deficiency during the menopause could have an increased risk of vascular calcification.

In addition, L-arginine is said to be involved in the production of collagen. This is not only necessary for the elasticity of skin and tissue, but also for wound healing. Incidentally, pumpkin seeds are the front-runner when it comes to the L-arginine content of foods.

However, you should always consult a doctor before taking L-arginine. Whether as capsules or powder – in principle, there are no known side effects when taking L-arginine, but supplementation should be taken with caution in the case of liver or kidney disease.

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How can dietary supplements help during the menopause?

Hormone fluctuations during the menopause often have an effect on women’s libido. The phytopreparation LIBITROX™ from medpro contains a combination of L-arginine and Vinitrox®, which can have a positive effect not only on women’s libido and men’s potency. Like L-arginine, the patented Vinitrox® also influences blood circulation. It consists of apple and grape phenols and is also said to increase nitrogen levels in the body. They also have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties. They can help prevent cardiovascular diseases and protect against neurological disorders. If you have any questions about LIBITROX™ capsules or other preparations, please feel free to contact our network of doctors and therapists! We will be happy to help you achieve new (loving) happiness and a better quality of life.

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