No more desire for sex during the menopause? That doesn’t have to be the case

The menopause is an enormous change and a burden for many women. Hormonal changes and psychological stress can also have an effect on libido. Many menopausal women have less or no desire for sex. However, you do not have to simply accept this change. You can do a lot to reawaken your libido.

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No desire for sex – understanding the menopause

Passion and sex are good for you, strengthen your relationship and can even have positive effects on your health. But what can you do if your desire for sex diminishes during the menopause? First of all, it can help a woman to understand the reasons for this:

  • The oestrogen level in the body drops significantly during the menopause. This not only puts an end to menstrual bleeding, but also has many other effects. Among other things, the drop in sex hormone can contribute to sexual aversion.
  • In addition, many women now have to deal with getting older. The body changes and you have to come to terms with that first. Some women feel less attractive during the menopause and are therefore reluctant to have sex.
  • Mood swings, restlessness and sleep problems are typical symptoms of the menopause. This can also affect your sex life: If you are physically and emotionally unwell, you will think less about sex.
  • The mucous membrane in the vagina also changes during the menopause. It no longer gets damp so easily, but is more sensitive. This can make sex uncomfortable or even cause pain.

Tips for passion during and after the menopause

Do you simply have to accept that a woman’s desire for sex dwindles after the menopause? No! There are many things that can help you rediscover your libido. These are our most valuable tips for you to put an end to your reluctance:

Talk to your partner!

In order for your sex life to improve again, your partner should know how you are feeling. Have the courage to talk openly about sex! This promotes mutual understanding and helps you to rediscover sexual passion. Many women need a different kind of stimulation after the menopause in order to be ready for sex. Communicate this and see it as a joint journey of discovery! Find out together with your partner what you need now!

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Use lubricants!

Vaginal dryness is a widespread problem during the menopause and can lead to sexual reluctance. You can easily address this issue with lubricants. Incorporate appropriate gels or creams into your lovemaking! This makes sex more pleasurable and you are easier to stimulate. This can significantly increase the desire for sex.

Rely on the power of plants!

There is a whole range of different medicinal plants that can help with hormonal disorders. This can have positive effects on your well-being, your love life and your health. In the area of women’s health, medpro LibitroxTM, a proven dietary supplement with effective with effective natural plant extracts. This can help you to get through the menopause more easily and with fewer symptoms. If you are not sure whether the product is suitable for you, simply contact us! We will be happy to advise you.

Talk to your gynecologist!

Many women feel ashamed when their desire for sex wanes. Others think it’s a small thing. Unfortunately, both perspectives ensure that the problem is hushed up. Break this taboo and talk to your gynecologist about your declining libido! They can give you further tips. Under certain circumstances, hormone therapy may even be useful in your case. Have yourself thoroughly examined and advised in order to find a good individual solution!


Many women have less desire for sex during the menopause. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it and have to do without pleasurable sexual encounters. With a few tricks and good communication, you can soon have a fulfilling love life again.

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