Prevention of prostate cancer – 5 simple measures

Many men today receive the shocking diagnosis of prostate cancer. Although environmental pollutants are considered a possible cause of prostate cancer, men can actively do something to prevent the problem. However, they should not only pay attention to a healthy lifestyle with exercise and a balanced diet. You should also make sure you have a regular check-up with your doctor.

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How can you reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer?

These five simple measures can reduce the risk of prostate cancer in many cases:

  1. Preventive check-up: Men should have their prostate examined once a year from the age of 45. The doctor palpates the prostate via the rectum. The examination takes about 10 to 30 seconds and, contrary to popular belief, is not painful.
  2. Reduce excess weight: Excessive calorie intake, combined with being overweight, increases the risk of developing prostate cancer. Men should therefore also pay attention to sport, regular exercise and an appropriate diet.
  3. Alcohol and smoking: You should only drink alcohol moderately or not at all and not smoke. This reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer.
  4. Diet: Vegetarians and Asians appear to be less likely to develop prostate cancer. Various studies have shown that certain foods can prevent the development of prostate cancer. With a healthy diet, you could possibly remove the basis for cancer cells, boost cell protection, support the immune system and possibly influence the growth of tumors. You should avoid sugar and unhealthy fats from animal products, such as sausage, and consume few dairy products. Fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and healthy fats from high-quality olive oils or linseed oil, on the other hand, actively support the immune system.

Which plant substances can contribute to prostate health?

As many experts believe that prostate cancer can be influenced primarily by environmental factors, antioxidants in particular can help to prevent the disease.

  • Flavonoids belong to a special type of antioxidants. They can protect the cells from aggressive free radicals and thus slow down cell ageing.
  • Green tea extract: According to studies, large amounts of epigallocatechin gallate from green tea can lower PSA levels.
  • Tomato lycopene: Studies have confirmed a growth-inhibiting effect of lycopene on prostate cell cultures.
  • Plant sterols or phytosterols are used therapeutically to lower blood lipid levels and to treat benign enlargement of the prostate. They are found in large quantities in nuts and seeds and have a strong antioxidant effect. Experiments have shown that plant sterols have prevented both the growth and metastasis of transplanted human prostate cancer cells.
  • Curcumin is the primary bioactive compound in turmeric. Because its bioavailability is extremely low – i.e. it is hardly absorbed by the intestine – scientists have developed BCM95, which has a 7-fold higher bioavailability. Numerous studies show that curcumin can support cancer inhibition by blocking growth factors, especially in breast cancer and prostate cancer cells.

Lignans from linseed can be helpful for prostate cancer. During an examination lasting several months, it was discovered that blood lipid levels and PSA values were falling, while at the same time the cancer cells were no longer dividing as quickly.

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Dietary supplements for the prevention of prostate cancer

The strength of the immune system generally declines with age. The body can no longer defend itself as well against infections, inflammation and degenerated cells, which is why the risk of cancer increases with age. This is why many doctors and therapists recommend high-quality nutritional supplements that support the immune system and at the same time can contribute to active cancer prevention. Our contributions are:

  • IMUPROS™ is an orthomolecular combination preparation with synergistically acting essential vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids and polyphenols especially for men. It contains vitamins C, E and D, as well as the most important minerals selenium, zinc and calcium. IMUPROS™ also contains highly concentrated extracts from tomatoes (lycopene) and green tea extract.
  • ProstaSol™ was specially developed by medpro for men’s health and is appreciated by active men. It contains the unique combination of eight plants, plant sterols, highly concentrated curcumin extract from turmeric and lignans from linseed.
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