Reishi medicinal mushroom – herbal support for prostate problems

Are you also affected? Frequent urge to urinate, especially at night, pain when urinating and the constant feeling of not having completely emptied the bladder. Around 6 out of 10 men over the age of 50 experience these problems because they are affected by an enlarged prostate. But that’s not all: this naturally affects your quality of life and even your sex life. Unfortunately, relationships often suffer as a result. However, the prostate can be easily supported with the medicinal mushroom reishi.

Where is the prostate located and how does it work?

The prostate is one of the internal sex organs in men. It lies between the bladder and the pelvic floor. In its normal state, the prostate is about the size of a walnut and weighs around 25 grams.

The prostate forms the secretion for ejaculation and is involved in sperm formation and ejaculation. It also plays a role in hormone metabolism in men. The prostate is divided into the following zones:

  • Periurethral zone: This zone surrounds the urethra between the seminal mound and the neck of the bladder.
  • Inner zone: This contains the spray channel.
  • Outer zone: The main part of the prostate is located here.

What problems can an enlarged prostate cause?

If the prostate is enlarged, this can lead to various problems.

  • It can cause problems with urination.
  • A weak urinary stream and delayed bladder emptying also indicate an enlarged prostate.
  • Urinating at night is also a symptom of an enlarged prostate. Up to seven toilet visits in one night often cause sleepless nights for many men.

Normally, an enlarged prostate is benign. It is often the result of an altered hormonal balance in men. A malignant prostate tumor should be detected in good time by means of an annual cancer screening. The diagnosis is made by a painless palpation by the doctor and the determination of the PSA value.

The earlier prostate problems are treated, the sooner good results can be achieved.

What can help with prostate enlargement?

Men should exercise their pelvic floor muscles regularly in order to counteract problems in good time. According to experts, targeted training sessions can also help to prevent possible illnesses later on.

The prostate can also be supported with natural remedies. International experience with the reishi mushroom has been particularly good, especially in Asia.

Unique reishi mushroom as a versatile herbal helper

Reishi has been known as a medicinal mushroom since prehistoric times. In Japan and China, reishi is still regarded as a symbol of happiness and immortality. There it is used for liver problems, allergies, inflammation, heart disease, prostate problems and even unwanted cell growth.

Reishi extract is said to contain hundreds of bioactive substances with known benefits that have already been researched and scientifically investigated. Reishi extract is said to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antidepressant, anti-anxiety and even anti-cancer properties. It is mainly due to its ganoderic acids that reishi is said to have such a broad spectrum of cellular effects.

Reishi extract is said to be anti-viral due to its sulphated polysaccharides and is even recommended as a preventative measure against influenza or other viral diseases. It is also said to support the immune system and have a positive effect on blood pressure, cholesterol levels and the cardiovascular system. The benefits of reishi for humans cannot be attributed to individual components. Rather, they result from the overall composition of the bioactive substances.

Reishi medicinal mushroom – convincing effects on the prostate

Reishi extract is also contained in ProstaSol™ – for men from medpro. Together with seven other ingredients, it forms a unique and protected complex. The special interaction of the individual components of this high-quality dietary supplement can significantly support the prostate. Plant sterols are said to have a positive influence on the hormone balance in men. Curcuminoids, lignans, certain flavonoids, ginseng extract, saw palmetto extract and the powder from the bark of the African plum tree support men’s well-being in very different ways. In addition to the medicinal mushroom Reishi, they can effectively help the prostate with problems. Simply contact us and let our expert team of doctors and scientists advise you!

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