Why are green tea and zeolite particularly suitable for detox?

Do you suffer from frequent fatigue, headaches, migraines, muscle or joint pain? All of these symptoms can indicate heavy metal exposure. Such “poisoning” can trigger very different symptoms in humans. Unfortunately, they are often not recognized. Many patients have already been through a veritable medical odyssey before they finally receive a correct diagnosis. To prevent potential health challenges caused by heavy metal exposure, you should detoxify your body regularly. The combination of green tea and zeolite is said to be particularly suitable for detoxing heavy metals.

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Why detox? When heavy metals pollute our bodies…

Many doctors and therapists are familiar with this from their practices. Patients come to them with diffuse symptoms such as headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue or exhaustion. Despite thorough examinations, the causes often remain undiscovered for a long time. Many of these therapy-resistant complaints are caused by heavy metal exposure.

Zinc, magnesium and iron are metals and minerals that are vital for our bodies. Heavy metals, on the other hand, such as lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic, can be extremely dangerous for humans. We ingest many of these heavy metals with our food. Fish and seafood are often contaminated with cadmium or mercury due to marine pollution. Cadmium is also often found in other supposedly healthy foods such as linseed, poppy seeds, sunflowers, cocoa and pine nuts. Mercury used to be present in vaccines in the form of thiomersal and amalgam fillings in teeth can also contain heavy metals such as mercury. An unhealthy lifestyle with little exercise and a poor diet also favors the absorption and storage of such harmful substances in the tissue. They can accumulate in all organs, bones, the central nervous system and even the brain, where, according to experts, they can even cause serious health challenges in the long term.

How can harmful substances be removed from the body?

One way to cope with such stress is detox. A regular detoxification cure can help the body to cleanse itself. But be careful! Even so-called superfoods, detox capsules, powders and the like, which are available almost everywhere these days, are often themselves contaminated with lead and other heavy metals. Here, what is supposed to help against environmental toxins or heavy metals is often one of the causes. People who are looking for suitable detox remedies should therefore only rely on the tested quality of high-quality preparations products. For more than 25 years, experienced doctors and oncologists have been developing secondary plant and micronutrients for medpro to meet the highest health requirements. The food supplements from medpro are optimally balanced preparations that are used specifically for prevention and relevant therapy support for women and men. They are free from allergens and biologically valuable. Many doctors and therapists have been relying on the potential of high-quality herbal food supplements such as the heavy metal absorber Detox me+ .

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Green tea and xeolite as an effective detox booster

Green tea is not only known as a special health booster because of its high antioxidant content, but it also contains important minerals, amino acids and trace elements. However, the caffeine it contains can also be decisive for its detoxification effects, as it is not only said to contribute to increased fat burning and an active metabolism, but can also help to eliminate toxins.

The natural zeolite clinoptilolite is the generally classic detoxification specialist that has been known and used since ancient times. This is a natural mineral made from porous volcanic rock, which is micronized and activated during production to give it its valuable properties for the detox process. It is indigestible and acts like a “magic sponge” that “absorbs” harmful substances in the intestine. Zeolite clinoptilolite is even said to be able to bind harmful substances that reach the intestinal wall via the bloodstream.

medpro has combined all these powerful properties in detox me+. It contains a unique combination of zeolite clinoptilolite, green tea extract and coenzyme Q10. With its synergistic triple effect, it clearly stands out from other detoxification products. The harmful substances are then excreted in the stool. The OM24® epigallocatechin gallate in detox me+, an antioxidant in green tea, can neutralize free radicals, which are highly reactive oxygen compounds that accelerate cell ageing. Coenzyme Q10, which is also present, catalyzes important cell processes and at the same time contributes to the destruction of free radicals through continuous energy production. Use the plant power of medpro detox me+, reduce harmful substances and heavy metals and do something good for your health in the long term!

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