What helps against mood swings during the menopause?

“Why are you so irritable all the time?” It was precisely this sentence from her husband that made a patient sit up and take notice and realize that she was going through the menopause. The hormonal fluctuations can make life quite difficult for many women during the menopause. In addition to hot flushes, sleep and concentration problems, many women suffer from mood swings that can lead to depression. Many of these problems can be mitigated or even significantly eliminated with suitable dietary supplements or phytohormones. This is why more and more doctors and therapists are turning to natural support to make the menopause easier for women.

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What are the reasons for mood swings during the menopause?

Mood swings, depressive moods and even depression are common side effects of the menopause. The hormones are to blame. Oestrogens not only affect women’s sexual organs, they also influence many processes in the body and, above all, have an effect on the psyche. The altered ratio of oestrogens and the corpus luteum hormone progesterone, which also influence certain hormones in the brain, are to blame. While oestrogen is responsible for fertility and sexual function, moisture in the eyes, skin and vagina, as well as memory, progesterone has an anxiolytic and sleep-promoting effect in the brain.

What can you do to combat a bad mood during the menopause?

Many doctors advise hormone replacement therapy in this case. Compensating for the oestrogen deficiency can alleviate the symptoms during the menopause and, in particular, the mood swings. However, such therapies are associated with both benefits and certain risks, which you should definitely discuss with your doctor.

Modern phytotherapy is a naturally gentle method of managing complaints and symptoms during the menopause (link to phytotherapy article). High-quality herbal preparations are a hormone-free alternative that can have a positive effect on symptoms during the menopause.

  • A healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and a healthy diet can also help to alleviate the problems.
  • Also try to avoid stress as much as possible! This is because stress increases cortisol levels in the body and cortisol can also upset the hormone balance.
  • Certain foods are said to be particularly suitable for reducing the risk of depression. These include omega-3 fatty acids such as those found in fatty sea fish like salmon, mackerel or sardines or in linseed oil, chia seeds and walnuts, as well as fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and pulses.
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Supporting nutritional supplements for a worry-free transition

In its 20 years of research, Medpro has developed countless herbal products for women’s health. They were made to minimize the discomfort that can occur during the menopause.

For example Phenocane . This dietary supplement with the amino acid phenylalanine (L) as the main ingredient and the curcumin extract Curcugreen™ is widely used in women’s health. Many people underestimate the importance of essential amino acids for mood. Phenylalanine is one of them and is involved in the production of serotonin, the so-called happiness hormone, which is responsible for both a positive mood and a reduced perception of pain. Phenylalanine also helps to activate the body’s own pain-relieving endorphins, which are also considered to be happiness hormones. In its unique combination with Curcugreen™ from circumin extract from turmeric is being researched in numerous medical studies worldwide.

The medpro LibitroxTM contains a combination of the protein L-arginine and Vinitrox®. L-arginine is used to increase sex drive in both men and women. It also promotes blood circulation and oxygen supply during heavy physical exertion.

You should also never take herbal food supplements without medical advice without medical advice. Therefore, ask your doctor, therapist or pharmacist for advice and guidance when selecting and taking medpro products. This will help you get through the menopause more relaxed.

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